Police Looking for Trio Who Allegedly Stole from Holdrege Shops


Holdrege police believe a small shoplifting gang is using a toddler to help them steal. The cops are looking for a team of three, who they believe stole from multiple stores downtown.

They are warning surrounding areas as well.

Police describe one woman as 40 or older, heavier set with a tattoo on the back of her neck. She is joined by a male and female who are in their early 20s or late teenage years.

Owner of Gifts and Things, David Bailey thinks the group had a strategy when they stole from his shop.

“Place by place and picking out different things and you can definitely discretely see them put things in their purses and pockets,” said Bailey.

Bailey reports the group stole items adding up to a value of $200 from his store. They weren’t the only store in town with similar reports. The Drawer says the group stole shoes from them. Other shops in Holdrege spotted the group in their store, but aren't sure yet if anything was stolen.

Police believe they are not from the area and that this trio targets small town stores. Surveillance video shows they have a toddler with them.

“The child is just in the stroller probably there for distraction purposes,” said Holdrege Police Sergeant Martin McIntire.

Surveillance video shows the women put items in their large purses, while the man will put things in his pockets. The Holdrege store owners found out about this after a store in Alma was robbed in early July and sent them all a message saying they better check their inventory.