Polls Closed in Central City Recall, Unofficial Votes Say Malm's Out


The voters have decided school board member Kent Malm will be recalled based upon the latest unofficial count.

Officials say of the more than thousand people who turned out to vote Tuesday, 662 voted yes to the recall and 372 voted no.

Merrick County officials are currently still counting votes in the Central City School Board recall and official numbers are expected to be released on Thursday.

Malm came up for recall after a petition to oust two other board members failed last summer.

Central City has been divided by controversy that began last April when the school board decided to remove Darrin Garfield from his position as football coach.

Petition organizer Kip Lenhart said no matter the outcome, he's glad the public is now more informed and involved with the board.

"I truly think they're doing their jobs better than they have before," he told NTV Tuesday.