Pony Express Station


The journey was about 2,000 miles and danger could be found on every turn. The Pony Express lasted for only 18 months, but its legacy rides on.
The thrills of the Pony Express might be a little over emphasized in the movies, but for many it was stil the ride of a lifetime.
"It only lasted for 18 months but people are still intrigued in the history and romantic era
of the Pony Express," said Anne Anderson.
The mail route was from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California. Nebraska was home to over fifty stations. Gothenburg has two of them and calls itself the Pony Express capital
of Nebraska.
"A lot of them have deteriorated and they tore them down. This is a big thing in Nebraska," station guide Joyce Sabin.
Visitors can stop by and even drop off some mail. Located in Eihman Park, it's a good stop, just a mile off of Interstate 80.
The riders didn't have a whole lot of time to relax. They only stayed at a station for about two to three minutes just to change horses and get a new mail bag. Each rider was young and they all had to fit a certain profile.
With gas prices the way they are today, maybe we should go back to the Pony Express.

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