Potholes Plague the Tri-Cities


The pothole plague has hit many Nebraska towns as the seasons change from winter to spring.

"They're all over," said Hastings resident Randy Evans.

"You hit one of them and you feel it," added Dean Walker.

Hastings officials are trying to ease the complaints and patch up those scar-torn roads.

"We've got a lot of potholing to do," said Hastings street supervisor Richard Douglas.

But Douglas says the street conditions aren't as bad as they were a couple years ago.

"Nothing like two years ago when we had the winter storm during Christmas. That was probably one of the worst years for potholes," said Douglas.

"I've busted a tire on that thing [his van] already and I had to pump it up so I could get to the place to get it fixed," shared Walker about his experience with the potholes.

Filling these mini-craters won't be a cheap task for the city of Hastings. Last year the cold mix, which is primarily used during the winter months was $18,541 compared to just $7,887 this year. In addition, last year the hot mix used to fill pot holes and other related road problems during non-winter months totaled $36,245.

City road officials say the first priority is the main streets and then they will look towards the residential roads for those repairs.