Prevent Your House From Going Up In Flames This Holiday Season


Holiday decorations surely add to the holiday spirit but it's important to style with safety in mind because a few decorations have a way of sparking a dangerous, sometimes deadly, blaze.

December is the peak time of year for home fires caused by candle, as well as cooking, the main cause of fires overall during the holiday season. Although the candles, trees and lights may be pretty, it's important to set them up with safety in mind.

All it takes is 30 seconds for a dry Christmas tree to catch on fire and ruin your living room.

"It's always frustrating when we go and find out it's something that could have been prevented," Ben Erie, Hastings firefighter said.

When it comes to setting up your holiday decorations, the reality is that most of them are caused by people.

"The candles, they make the house smell good, but also they can become a fire hazard when they go unsupervised," Erie said.

When it comes to decorative lights you want to make sure:

  • Outdoor lights, extension cords, and outlets are weatherproof and identified for outdoor use.
  • Be sure to maintain these lights, inspect them, make sure their wires are good.
  • Unplug all lights before going to bed.
  • Take down the lights 90 days before the holidays.

As for Christmas trees, you want to:

  • Buy a freshly cut tree.
  • Do not purchase trees with brittle or shedding needles.
  • Check the water daily.
  • Keep your tree away from heat sources
  • If you have an artificial tree, don't hang metallic lights.

By putting safety first, you can reduce the risk of fires in your home and focus on important things, like spending time with the family.