Privacy Surrounds Hearing of 9 y/o Allegedly Involved in Shooting Death of Brother


A hearing was held Tuesday morning for the 9-year-old brother of Beau Pecor. The 4-year-old Hastings boy died of a gunshot wound on April 18 allegedly inflicted by his brother.

Due to the nature of the documents filed with the juvenile court, the Court has ordered that Tuesday's hearing and any future hearings be closed to the public. The Court's file will also be sealed from public inspection. Attorneys working this case will not be making any future public comments.

The Adams County Public Defender's Office was previously appointed to represent the 9-year-old and the court has also appointed someone to ensure his best interests are represented during the hearings.

The privacy surrounding Tuesday’s and any future hearings is to ensure the best interests and privacy of the young boy involved and the safety of his family.