Pro-Life Supporters Protest in Kearney


Pro-life activists lined the streets in the tri-cities on Sunday to show their support against abortion.

It's part of the National Life Chain event which takes place the first Monday of October every year.

Silent protesters lined both sides of 2nd Avenue.

"Life is precious and it's a gift from God," said protester Carol Holl from Kearney.

"I just feel like we need to speak up for those that have no voice of their own," said protester Eileen Frieden.

And at just a month away from heading to the polls in November, do these protesters think this issue is being talked about enough on the campaign trail?

"I think they are...taking time to find the candidates' position on pro-life," said Frieden.

While other protesters think otherwise.

"I haven't really heard it discussed," said protester Colleen Coram.

"I just think maybe in America it's starting to be an issue where people are just becoming pathetic and they don't see the need anymore," said Holl.

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Planned Parenthood will celebrate their 95 birthday on October 16, where pro-choice protesters will have rallies all across the country.

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