Pro-Pipeline Holds Town hall

By Annie Andrews

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They're the meetings before the meetings taking place along the pipeline route. On Tuesday, pro-pipeline advocates spread their message in Central City; the center of much debate.

The free luncheon was the third of four hosted by Nebraskans for Jobs and Energy Independence. They call the meetings a way to clear up confusion and propaganda over the pipeline debate -- convincing some but confusing others.

Around 40 people came for the meeting in Central City, but notably absent were any members of Bold Nebraska, who have gone to earlier meetings. A short presentation outlined the non-profit's stance on the pipeline -- promoting job creation and energy independence.

A union representative, former pipeline regulator and a representative of Americans for Prosperity
all said Nebraska and America needs the pipeline. That message was the focal point of the meeting, right next to job creation and the argument that the pipeline is safe for Nebraskans.

A former federal pipeline regulator, turned consultant, was at the meeting on behalf of NFJEI answering those very questions.

The meeting lasted right around two hours, one gentleman NTV spoke to said the meeting didn't
convince him the pipeline is the right thing for Nebraska. He said what TransCanada has planned
will change his land forever and that's worth far more than what they're willing to pay. Others, however, said they heard enough to support the pipeline and the new route.

This conversation will obviously continue with the DEQ's town hall meetings starting in O'Neil on Wednesday.