Producers Preparing for Winter


It's Winter Weather Awareness Week and with winter right around the corner, cattle producers need to start thinking about getting prepared.
Cattle can withstand the cold temperatures as long as they can be protected from the wind.
And water is a big issue for cattle.
Making sure there is plenty of water available helps keep livestock from becoming dehydrated.
But there are other things that farmers need to consider like electricity.
Chuck Burr with the Phelps and Gosper Counties Extension Office said, "As we saw last year with the ice storm, without power for several weeks, you have to have an alternative to be able to supply water to the livestock. A portable generator or maybe a tractor or powered PTO generator to at least run the pump and keep things from freezing over because the livestock have to have water on a daily basis."
And to power emergency generators, farmers also need to have a three or four day supply of fuel on hand to keep them running.