Stone Elementary Property Now Up For Sale


The property containing the old Stone Elementary building is now up for sale following a unanimous decision by the Kearney Public School Board. Bids for the property can start being looked at anytime now.

Stone Elementary, along with Riverdale Elementary closed last year due to lack of funds supporting the small schools. Riverdale was sold shortly after the closing for $91,000.

But for Stone, they wanted to see if there would be any other uses for the property. However, after a year, KPS decided that the property was better off being sold.

"They wanted to see if there's any possibility that the district had any type of use for the facility. We'd like to go ahead and see what kind of interest there is in the community," said KPS Director of Finance Chris Nelson.

While the bidding may come in waves, some board members want time to pick the right owner for the property.

"I don't feel an urgency to have this done by May. I would prefer maybe extending the timeline to make sure that everybody is aware of it and had an opportunity to put it together. The information that they need to make a bid that would give us the best possible result," said KPS Board member Julie Agard.

"One of the things we're always put in the process is everything is subject to board approval and that we do have the caveat to reject all offers, so if we don't receive a price close to what we expect then we may reconsider," said Nelson.

The property is considered to be prime real estate because of the property's location. The area sits right on Cherry Avenue in Kearney and once the overpass is done traffic is projected to increase dramatically.