Property Owners, Police Trying to Prevent Binge Drinking on Cruise Nite


Property owners and police held a meeting Thursday to make plans aimed at preventing property damage and binge drinking during the annual Kearney Cruise Nite event.

They say they want Cruise Nite to return to what it was ten years ago, a night to spend with your family while checking out classic cars.

They city wants to embrace vintage cars, but get rid of partying after dark on Kearney Cruise Nite. With thousands of people, it’s tough for police to arrest everyone breaking the law.

“We try to reserve arresting those people who are not complying with things they are being asked to do that may be doing other things as well, more illegal,” said Kearney Police Chief Dan Lynch.

Kearney police will have more than 50 officers patrolling that night. Officials say the majority of the people on 25th Street don’t want the revelers on their property but don’t know how to get them off. One resident thinks you just have to ask people to leave the property.

“I don’t see another way to keep them out of your yard, if there is no one there they will go in your yard and trash it,” said Bonnie Marshall.

Captain Mike Kirkwood advised property owners if they want to get kids off their lawn, people should turn on their sprinklers.

A new rule for Cruise Nite this year says property owners can’t have more than 30 people on their property at once.

The coalition will also ask local alcohol distributors not to sell drinks in glass bottles. They don’t want smashed containers in the streets or to have someone cutting themselves on glass.