Property Owners Weigh In on Cruise Nite Initiative


Another Cruise Nite is in the books. No numbers are in from law enforcement just yet, but residents and property owners along 25th Street are speaking out on whether or not they think the new 'Be Safe, Be Smart' campaign worked.

Hundreds of cars and party–goers lined the streets of Kearney for Saturday night's activities, some carrying coolers and alcoholic beverages down the sidewalk, while large parties gathered on lawns.

One resident, participating in the 'Be Safe, Be Smart' campaign is on the fence about whether the message will make an impact.

"I think it will actually help in the long run," said property owner Stephanie Marshall. "I think more people will hear the message and I think they'll try to implement it more because I feel like there's a lot of families.”

Another homeowner told NTV he didn't think the initiative worked because he still saw partying and fighting.

We'll have official information as it becomes available.