Proposal to Up City Administrator Hiring Requirements Fails


A proposal that could have left Grand Island's city administrator unqualified for her own job failed Tuesday night.

Council Member John Gericke suggested the amendment, asking for a minimum of seven years prior city administrator or manager experience for the top city position.
He said Grand Island should not be a training site for the job now that it's considered a metropolitan area.
Current administrator Mary Lou Brown has three years under her belt. She wouldn't have been impacted unless reinstated by the next mayor come December.
Brown told NTV that she knows it's political season, but she and her staff will continue to do their jobs.
The proposal drew mixed reaction.
"I can't imagine any other CEO of a company not asking for seven years experience or 10 or five or some other level," said Chuck Haase, council president. "Whether it's a school superintendent, the CEO of Charter or the CEO of a hospital, it's one of those that I think experience is critical."
"Regardless of anyone's personal opinion of Ms. Brown I would caution you that this ordinance, if enacted, with affect not only Ms. Brown but all future administrators and the city's ability to recruit and retain its senior management," said City Attorney Bob Sivick.
The amendment failed with a 4 to 6 vote.