Pruning Spring Flowering Shrubs


Bringyour overgrown lilacs (Syringa), forsythia, and other spring floweringshrubs down to size while maintaining their natural beauty and spring floraldisplay.

Prunespring blooming shrubs right after flowering. These shrubs set their flower buds in summer and pruning any other timewill eliminate the all important spring floral display.

You'llneed safety glasses to protect your eyes and gloves. Use bypass pruners thatmake a clean cut that closes quickly. Cut small stems ½-inch diameter or less with hand pruners. Use loppers to extend your reach and cutslightly bigger stems and a pruning saw for the rest.

Startby removing any crossed or dead branches, then remove a few of the larger stems, on suckering shrubs, right backto ground level. Reduce the height onthe remaining stems as needed. Make yourcut on a slight angle above an outward facing bud or stem.

Summerblooming shrubs like Potentillas,summer blooming spireas and Annabelle hydrangeas form their flowers on new growth. Prune these, when needed, in late winter orearly spring before growth begins or anytime during the dormant season.

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