"Rally 4 Reward$" Brings Big Bucks to Local School


Litchfield Public School is receiving big bucks after students found out that their school is one of Nebraska's favorites.

The "Rally 4 Rewards" program allowed the school to win a $2,500 cash prize from U.S. Bank. Six Nebraska high schools received the prize in all after nearly two months of online voting.

Litchfield Public School plans to use the money for new playground equipment and school officials say they owe their thanks to the community.

Superintendent of Litchfield Schools Jeff Smith said, "I think there is a lot of pride in the community. People look for ways to help and this was one way they could help. They stepped up and got the job done. It was awesome."

Jan Kirkpatrick, media specialist for the school, said, "It just showed that it wasn't just the school project. It was a community project. And once we threw the rock in the water, the pebble went out to friends, family -- from coast to coast, border to border."

She said that the school shouldn't be the only ones who celebrate the reward. She said, "It isn't a school celebration; it's a celebration of who we are.

In all, 18 Nebraska schools topped the list. Winners for each class fill the number one slot and are as follows:

Class A:

  1. Lincoln Northeast High School
  2. Millard North High School
  3. Lincoln Southwest High School

Class B:

  1. Schuyler High School
  2. Blair High School
  3. Norris High School

Class C1:

  1. David City High School
  2. Norfolk Catholic High School
  3. Adams Central High School

Class C2:

  1. Aquinas Catholic High School
  2. Hastings St. Cecilia High School
  3. Thayer Central High School

Class D1:

  1. Kenesaw High School
  2. Heartland Lutheran High School
  3. Bloomfield High School

Class D2:

  1. Litchfield High School
  2. Lawrence-Nelson High School
  3. Spalding Academy High School