Ravenna Residents Continue Storm Cleanup


Ravenna residents are a little anxious about storm chances this weekend as they continue cleanup from a damaging mid-week storm.

Broken windows and peppered siding are the results of hail and wind damage coming from a storm that hit other parts of Buffalo County Wednesday night.

The library was even closed Thursday to clean up after every window on the north side of the building was broken out.

City officials say nearly every part of town was affected in some way, but most consider themselves lucky.

"My wife was scared, I was scared, and one point I didn't know if it was a tornado coming across here or what it was," said Ravenna resident Marvin Martin. "But it sure hailed a lot and did a lot of damage to all these folks in Ravenna."

"We're very fortunate -- people have houses to live in, electricity, we never lost electricity there," said Ravenna Mayor Peg Dethlefs. "But houses here are able to be lived in. There's a lot of them that have boards on the windows, they're still livable, so it's a bad deal but we're very fortunate. It could have been a lot worse."

The mayor says most of the damage was from the hail that fell. No cost estimate has been made from the damage yet.