Real Kidz Entrepreneurs


Despite the struggling economy, Phelps County has seen the growth of at least 16 brand new businesses. They're grabbing a slice of the economic pie -- all before they enter high school.

From desserts that resemble campfire goodies to decorative bookmarks, 16 kids show they have what it takes to run a successful business.

"It's been really fun for me because I've been able to meet new people -- going to different
things -- and selling something that I like to do," Mitch Fisher said.

For the past six weeks, kids in Phelps County have learned business 101 through a curriculum sponsored by UNL. They've learned everything from, "Customer service -- like how you need to treat a customer," Atlee High said, to creative advertising. "We teach the pitch," youth educator Janita Pavelka said.

Students then had the chance to market themselves and their products to potential customers.

"It's exciting, and sometimes, scary," Sam Jacobson said. "Scary because I get nervous and kind of shy -- a little."

Most of all, the young businessmen and women learned confidence, in believing their businesses would be a homerun or a hole-in-one.

"For golfers, this will be a big hit," Jacob Klein said.

As the young entrepreneurs continue to grow and learn, many hope to return to where the creativity began.

"I thought it would be a good way to express yourself," Caitlin Piening said.

The future of business begins here -- with chocolate-covered pretzels, designer T-shirts and 16 students' dreams.

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