Recent Local Credit, Debit Card Fraud


It's a nightmare for most, especially for Adam Pritts; a Kearney resident whose card was "maxed-out" $1,000 just over a month ago. Pritts is clueless as to why this is happening.

"I don't know. I don't know if they had my social security number, or what happened. It's just depressing. $1,300 is a lot of money," said Pritts.

Adam is now faced with a collection notice, and a possible court date. Even though he called the company when he received the bill, they say there were no signs of fraud.

"They sent me a letter, and all it said [was that] they did a full investigation, and they found no signs of fraudulent activities. They said I still owe them the money," said Pritts.

Kearney Police Department has received seven fraud reports since the beginning of September. Bank officials have a slight clue to what is going on.

"Right now, it is expected that a merchant or merchant processor has been hacked. We don't have any conclusion yet of what exactly happened," said Cheryl Morgan, vice president of Farmers & Merchants Bank.

KPD officials believe it is just the holiday season nearing.

"It could be something due to the holidays coming up. More people are shopping online [meaning] more numbers are getting acquired from these scammers. Thus, more victims from that," said Rick Garcia Jimenez, street officer for KPD.

Either way, Pritts wants someone to get to the bottom of this. He, along with some other Kearney residents, is faced with charges coming all the way from Paris.