Recent Rainfall has Meant Less Irrigation for Farmers


Most of central Nebraska has seen above average moisture levels in the last month, which means less irrigation is necessary for farmers.

During the month of July and into early August the surrounding areas were in a bit of a dry spell, so irrigation was in full force, but in recent weeks that's all changed.

The amount of rainfall received in the area over these last few weeks has allowed producers to breathe a sigh of relief and has them laying off use of the pivots.

That's a big positive for producers who are looking to save money in any way they can.

"If your pivots don't have to run that's definitely a positive," said Tyler Williams, a Phelps County Extensions Educator. "And with corn prices staying lower, budgets are a little bit tighter so anything that they can do to save a little money is a positive. And then we do not have to pump ground water or surface water, so there are a number of benefits to having some rainfall."

Williams says the added moisture has probably helped a lot of the corn crop finish out and has been beneficial to the soybeans as well.

However, while the moisture is good for now Williams says if we continue to see more it will most likely push harvest into late October or early November, causing a whole new batch of problems for farmers.