Recently Approved Grant will Help Improve, Clean Up Areas of Holdrege


Keeping neighborhoods looking nice and presentable is important for many communities, and thanks to a recently awarded grant, the city of Holdrege will be able to do just that.

Holdrege recently received a $100,000 grant to be used to clean up areas of town that were determined to be less than desirable.

Holdrege was awarded phase one of a three year project of funding.

It will target neighborhoods that could use work, and will include the area south of Highway 34 between the fairgrounds and South Park.

Studies were done by the South Central Economic and Development District, which is managing those funds.

"It’s clean up of nuisance violations, or health and safety issues, especially like vacant property. There’s a high concentration of vacant or sometimes known as abandoned properties in this area," said SCEDD community manager Bobbi Pettit.

Holdrege has a housing shortage, especially when it comes to work force housing. Future housing projects are the main goal from this grant project.

Pettit says it's more cost effective to create more housing in areas where development is already in place rather than to start from scratch.

"We are working with the Phelps County Development Corporation, Holdrege Housing Authority Corporation and the Holdrege Development Corporation to work on the types of projects that will come in behind the city after the cleanup is complete. And that's what we would like to see, is the new investment in the form of new housing in these areas," she said.

Not only will it be beneficial for housing and development, but it will also be more pleasing to the eye for people traveling through.

This is the first time this grant has been used in a city of fewer than 50,000 people.

Pettit says that Holdrege is a prototype and they looking forward to seeing the project develop through the next few years.