Recommendations Made in Voter Complaint Hearing


Recommendations have been suggested in a hearing held concerning a voter complaint filed under the Help America Vote Act.

Hearingofficer Rob Kinsey determined that a violation occurred when some DouglasCounty voters were asked to provide voter identification numbers before castinga provisional ballot on Election Day.

Testimony from Dave Phipps, Douglas County election commissioner, revealed that there was confusion among some poll workers who asked voters for identification number before casting a provisional ballot. He said some provisional ballot materials supplied by his office may have misled poll workers.

Phipps also testified that as soon as he was made aware of the situation, poll workers were notified that they did not need to acquire identification numbers from the voters wanting to cast a provisional ballot.

The election commissioner said he would remove any references to voter identification numbers from those election materials. Kinsey agreed with the recommendation and also added that he recommends poll workers and call center operators receive additional training to keep it from happening again.

Secretary of State John Gale reviewed Kinsey's findings from the hearing and agreed with his recommendations.

"I find thesuggested remedies made by both commissioner Phipps and the hearing officer tobe proper and necessary to prevent poll worker confusion in the future," saidGale.

The reportcan be found on the Secretary of State's website under "News Releases".