Record High Absentee Votes in Adams County


Adams County voters weighed in on the importance of making it out to the polls on Election Day 2012, and Adams County Clerk Chris Lewis pointed out a historic increase in the number of absentee ballots.

Lewis said "I gage the turnout for Election Day by the number of early voter ballots that are requested and we've had the largest number requested since they've been able to get them in 2006, so we pushed close to the 3,000 mark for early voter ballots which is the most we've had in Adams County."

Lewis said she hopes more voters show as much concern in their local election as they do in the national elections, however many voters said the presidential race is what brought them out to the polling sites.

Most voters at the polling site indicated the economy was the main thing on their minds as they made it out to the polls.

Current unofficial numbers indicate 68 percent of registered voters in Adams County cast their votes.