Record Numbers Apply for Concealed Carry in Kansas in 2013


Topeka, Kans. – Kansans have turned out in record numbers to obtain concealedcarry permits in 2013.

Morethan 24,000 Kansans applied for a concealed carry handgun permits in 2013,exceeding the previous one-year record by 50 percent, according to KansasAttorney General Derek Schmidt.

"Recordnumbers of Kansans are exercising their Second Amendment rights and takingadvantage of the Kansas concealed carry law," Schmidt said. "We're working hardto provide them top-quality customer service in the permitting process."

The24,181 applications received by the Attorney General's Concealed CarryLicensing Unit last year was more than had been received since the programbegan in 2006.

Theprevious record for a calendar year was 15,707 applications received in 2012.

Duringthe month of December, the Attorney General's Office received 1,036applications with 75,099 active permits as of January 2. The applications takean average of 30 days to be processed.

Theconcealed carry licensing program was enacted by the Legislature in 2006 overthe veto of then-Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. The program is administered byAttorney General Schmidt's office.

Moreinformation about the concealed carry licensing program is available at