Reduce Your Risk of Frozen Pipes in Your Home


When it gets cold outside everyone remembers to bundle up and protect their fingers and toes. But, they may be forgetting to do the same for their homes.

Freezing pipes are fairly common once the frigid winter temperatures set in and can lead to a substantial amount of money spent in water damage repairs.

There are many myths that surround frozen pipes.

1.Only A Plumber Can Prevent Frozen Pipes

This is not true.There are many things that you can do yourself to prevent your pipes fromfreezing, including sealing windows and doors, adding extra insulation, or useheat trace tape around various piping. Find more details at

2.Your Risks Go Away When Temperatures Begin To Warm

Actually,signs of a pipe burst are often only seen when temperatures begin to warm. Whena pipe freezes the frozen water may act as a plug, allowing any problems to gounnoticed. Before checking to see if you have any issues when temperaturesincrease, shut off the water supply to reduce your water damage risks.

3.All Frozen Pipes Burst

A pipe canfreeze and not burst. However, a frozen pipe can lead to a pipe burst, which cancause more than $5,000 in water damage.

4. APropane Torch Can Be Used To Thaw Pipes

This is not a good idea. You may think it will thaw the pipes and prevent significantdamage, but you are only increasing your risk of fire damage.

Check out the link above to find ways to prevent frozen pipes in your home.