Kearney Mayor Speaks on Relocation Incentives


Coastingthrough its third and final vote, Nebraska lawmakers pass a measure to letcities offer relocation incentives.

In aunanimous decision, the proposal was passed in an effort to help small townsattract new residents and high–demand workers.

Localofficials have spoken in support of the bill saying it will bring recruitmentfor their community.

"Wehave a lot of needs. we obviously need a lot of welders...there are plenty jobopenings in Kearney and a lot of those things though, my personal opinion isit's up to that respective industry or that business to provide thoseincentives for their employees if they need to do something," said KearneyMayor Stan Clouse.

Communityofficials could use local–option sales tax revenue, previously approved byvoters, but they would have to weigh in again for the money to be used specificallyfor incentives.

Senator Kate Sullivanof Cedar Rapids proposed the bill hoping small towns will attract plumbers,electricians, nurses and other high–demand workers.