Report Shows Nebraska ACT Scores Above National Average


Nebraska's 2013 high school graduates scored higher than their peers nationally on the ACT college entrance exam, despite recent changes.

Wednesday, the Nebraska Department of Education released the average composite score for Nebraska students. The average score for 2013 was 21.5, higher than the national average of 20.9. The highest possible ACT score is 36.

Steve Kappler, ACT assistant vice president of career and college readiness, says that because of various changes, past ACT results should not be compared to the 2013 results.

Kappler said one major change focused onincluding this year for the first time the scores of graduates requiringspecial accommodations.

As a result of this an other changes, the average ACT composite score declined in some states, but ACT officials say this should not be seen as a decline in student learning or college readiness.

The 2013 results will be used as the new baseline for future comparisons.

Of the 13 states with 80 percent or moregraduates taking the ACT, Nebraska scored at the top with an average 21.5score.

Eighty-four percent of Nebraska's high school graduates took the ACT this year, compared with 78 percent last year.