Report Slams Bold Nebraska but Kleeb Says Group is Grassroots


A grassroots group fighting to protect the land, or a front group for billionaires? A government report is sharply critical of the pipeline fighters of Bold Nebraska.

The report comes from the U.S. Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works.

They say Bold Nebraska is a "billionaire's club disguised as local initiative."

The report is critical of Jane Kleeb in particular, saying she's crafting a message to appeal to rich out of state donors.

The report states, "The irony of Bold Nebraska’s grassroots image, as evident in Kleeb’s comments, is that it is nothing more than a cover for wealthy and distant non-Nebraskan interests who seek to advance a political agenda without drawing attention to the fact that they, too, are outsiders with little interest in or connection to the state. "

In a statement to NTV, Kleeb calls it a political hit job.

"It is disgusting that Republicans are using taxpayer money to attack citizen-led groups working to protect our property rights and water," Kleeb said.

She said, "Bold Nebraska takes marching orders from farmers and ranchers and we invite the writers of this report to come visit and see our actions in person."

She went on to say the committee should issue a similar report outlining donations from "Big Oil" that have funded efforts in support of the pipeline.

Randy Thompson, a Nebraska landowner who has been the face of Bold Nebraska said, "A report such as this coming from the GOP, who proudly carries the Koch Brothers’ banner, is the pinnacle of hypocrisy."