Updated: Republican Candidate for Third District Brewer Calls Out Rep. Smith


We're roughly one hundred days away from the first primary in the battle for Nebraska's Third Congressional District and the war of words has begun.

On Wednesday, Republican candidate Tom Brewer held a press conference to discuss Rep. Adrian Smith's recent fundraising trip to Vail, Colo. earlier this month, which Brewer claims was paid for by D.C. lobbyists.

Brewer said it shows just how out of touch Smith is with Nebraskans. And Brewer says the trip should have taken place in the state he represents.

"I just think the image you're giving is not a positive image for our state. And for him to actually be one of them who orchestrated this with the other congressman, I think is really a reflection on the poor judgment that he's using," said Brewer.

Brewer went onto say that he is not involved with lobbyists, but if he had been in those shoes, he would have chosen to have the event in Chadron, rather than out of state.

Smith's office says there were no taxpayer funds or funds from lobbyists used to pay for the congressman's travel expenses.

Smith did have a comments about the situation. He said, "NancyPelosi and Barack Obama are raising millions of dollars across the country inan effort to win back the House of Representatives. I do not enjoyfundraising, but in order to be a competitive candidate and help otherconservatives maintain and expand our majority in the House, it is a necessarypart of the process in a modern campaign."

Smith added that he works hard to raise funds in and out of Nebraska and is in full compliance with campaign finance laws and regulations.