Restoration of Kearney Landmark Continues for National Celebration


A Kearney historical landmark is getting a much deserved restoration just in time for next weekend's national celebration.

You can't travel Highway 30 west of Kearney and not notice the team of oxen and covered wagon.

This iconic structure was built years ago as a stopping point for tourists along the Lincoln Highway.

Now, after years of disrepair, local investors are sprucing up the property in hopes of bringing back memories of days gone by.

"For the Lincoln Highway, it's a very, very well–known artifact," said owner Jamie Hays. "So I know they're really thrilled that we were going to save that rather than have it be bulldozed, which would have been what would have happened about eight years ago."

"It's a nice landmark to bring back," said Platte River Archway's Dawna Ourada. "And maybe it will encourage other people to look for other Lincoln Highway markers and preserve them, fix them back up, make sure they last another 100 years."

Property owners Jamie and Polly Hays hope to have at least the oxen and wagon 'photo–opp' ready for tourists coming through for next weekend's Lincoln Highway centennial celebration on June 30 and July 1.