Restore Ministries in Kearney to Help with Pilger Tragedy


A group of experienced volunteers from Kearney are heading out to Pilger this weekend.

Restore Ministries has responded to nine disasters in just the last year.

They want to help people who haven’t received any help. They especially want to work with farmers and people who live outside the town of Pilger who got hit just as hard.

Project Manager Mike O’Brien knows one farmer whose home was destroyed and hasn’t been able to find pieces of his house on the 600 acres of land he owns.

“They're obviously wanting to find some pictures, memorabilia anything from their home; they have found absolutely nothing so far,” said O’Brien.

The group will be collecting fences for local cattleman. After that, they will help with buildings that need cleaning up.

The nonprofit started with 20 volunteers and has grown to 150 over the year.

The crew leaves Friday, but they will stay busy until then. They are helping repair more than 300 pivots in the Holdrege area after the big storm this past weekend.