Resurfacing Work Continues Across Grand Island


Crews are progressing with $4 million worth of road work around the city of Grand Island.

With some of the finished lanes now open, drivers can turn left off First Street/Highway 30 in downtown GI, something they and businesses like Mid-Town Barbers have been missing since early May.

“Well it’s gotta be done, but I’ll sure be glad when they get it done,” says owner Stan Bish.

Bish says having all but one of the downtown intersections closed at once hurt traffic in his door off Wheeler Ave.

“When you’ve got a lot of traffic like we do in this town, I don’t think that’s the best idea,” he says.

But Grand Island City Project Manager Scott Griepenstroh says he’s gotten no complaints as the resurfacing work along four blocks of the major city street moves into the other lanes. He says the other lanes should take four to five weeks, and crews will be back later in the summer to mill and resurface the area around North Locust.

“Prior to the project I did visit with property owners and business owners along the corridor, we’ve also been sending out flyers, door hanger notices, we had a public meeting, just so everybody knew what to expect,” he says.

Across town, Broadwell Avenue users are seeing closures along their route now too. New road is going in between Anna and State streets, but crews will try to leave east and west roads like Faidley Avenue open as much as possible.

“People can expect closures to be occurring on Broadwell Avenue probably for the next six to eight weeks,” says Griepenstroh.

The city plans to resurface three other spots with federal dollars they’re getting to help fund this work too. Those projects should start next month.

“Independence Avenue, north of Capital Avenue; a section on North Road from 13th to State; and also on Blaine Street from Garland Street up to the bike trail north of Stolley Park Road,” says Griepenstroh.

The detours can be a pain, but Bish says he’s looking forward to the finished product.

“It’s going to be real nice when they get it done, no doubt about it,” he says. “I guess the hassle is worth it.”