Retired Hastings Officer, Police Car Help tell Richard Pryor, Jr. Story


A little bit of Hollywood came to Hastings -- the creators of a documentary about entertainer Richard Pryor, Jr. say the community had just what they were looking for.

Retired Lt. Monty McCord was patrolling Hastings again on Wednesday afternoon, but this time as an actor, not an officer.

“They knew I had a restored police car from the 70’s era and have the equipment, uniforms, and so on from that era which is what they want to depict,” says McCord.

McCord and his cars, uniforms, and equipment - some his and some props - have been filmed once before for a History Channel feature on emergency vehicles.

The footage shot Wednesday will be a recreated scene in a documentary about the life of Richard Pryor, Jr., son of the famous comedian.

“What I’ve went through, the son of a celebrity, and the struggles I’ve gone through, the pain I’ve gone through, the heartache, the victories, triumphs, and how I’ve overcame a lot of obstacles,” explains Pryor.

“He hasn’t really had a chance to tell his story in 52 years, and he’s not afraid to do that now, so that’s what we’re going to do,” says Lonnie Senstock, the documentary’s director.

In the Hastings scene Pryor is arrested after leaving a bar, something that happened to him in his youth, but not an event that occurred in Hastings. Pryor says working with Senstock, who is based in Nebraska, and the lure of McCord’s car brought the production to town.

“The police we knew would help us maybe cast it, and I had heard of Monty working in film and being an author,” says Senstock.

“It’s like things are falling into our lap that are just perfect, just perfect fits, and it makes you know, oh this is supposed to be, it’s supposed to happen this way, so I’m very glad to be here,” says Pryor.

“This is something a little different, I haven’t used this particular [car] in anything like this before, so it’s pretty exciting,” says McCord. “Just a small little shoot, [but] something like this doesn’t come around here very often, so it’s fun.”

Senstock says they’re just getting started with shooting and don’t have a final date yet for completing the documentary.