Retiring Amherst Teacher NTV's April Outstanding Teacher Recipient


It's that time once again to honor the NTV Outstanding Teacher of the month. This month's honoree is third grade teacher Lindy Ratzlaff at Amherst Public Schools.

Ratzlaff says the award is a great going-away present, as she gets ready to retire after 24 years of teaching at Amherst. She says she's enjoyed her time there, and has always put her students first.

"Well I'm not gonna grow up. I'm gonna retire, but I'm not gonna grow up," said Ratzlaff. "I'm gonna travel, I'm gonna be at a camp this summer and I'm gonna be a camp counselor this summer, and then next fall I plan on subbing here. This is where I want to sub, here."

Ratzlaff was nominated by her student, Sam Bissell, back in January. He says he never gave up hope that she would receive this award.

Sam says Mrs. Ratzlaff always gives incentives to help them learn, including longer recesses or a piece of candy for doing their best.

Congratulations to her for the award and her retirement from Amherst Public Schools.