'Retreat At Cottonwood' Offers Getaway For Four Legged Friends


A new Kearney business offers a special place to unwind, maybe socialize, or just get away to relax, but only if you've got four legs.

From cat condos to dog suites, Thursday's ribbon cutting at the Retreat at Cottonwood showed visitors how our furry friends are being taken care of.

From boarding to supervised doggy daycare, even relaxing videos and music, officials say it's important to provide the perfect "retreat" environment.

"We did a lot of research and we all love animal behavior and we really just want the best for the animal," said owner Dr. Christie Hirschfeld. "So it's been really fun to see all this in place now."

City leaders add that small businesses like this one are vital for the community's growth.

"They're important for our citizens, for our community, for the chamber, for the city, and they provide services that are important to our citizens," said Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce's Marion McDermott. "And I think, I hope everybody walks away with saying these people really invested in the future of Kearney and that means something."

The Retreat at Cottonwood is located adjacent to Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic on the north side of Kearney.

REPORTER'S NOTES: Information about boarding, doggie daycare, and other services offered can be found at