Ricketts is Backed By Two Former Neb. Governors


FormerNebraska Republican Governors Charles Thone and Kay Orr announced theirendorsement of Pete Ricketts for Governor.

Theannouncement was made at a Monday afternoon news conference in the rotunda ofthe State Capitol Building.

"Asa fiscal conservative with private sector experience, Pete Ricketts will bringa tremendous understanding of what it takes to balance a budget and run a largeorganization to Nebraska state government," stated former Governor CharlesThone.

Thonesaid he believes that "with our country and our state facing new economicchallenges on a near daily basis, Pete has the entrepreneurial background andconservative credentials to move our state forward."

Thoneserved as governor from 1979 to 1983, and represented Nebraska's firstcongressional district throughout much of the 1970's.

FormerGovernor Kay Orr also made a statement.

Hesaid "Pete Ricketts is a proven, pro-life conservative who has built astrong reputation as a man of integrity and strong character."

Theformer governor believes Ricketts's "commonsense agenda to grow jobopportunities and strengthen educational outcomes for our children andgrandchildren combined with his business experience sets him apart in the racefor governor."

Orrserved as governor from 1987 to 1991, and served as State Treasurer from 1981to 987.

TheGovernor hopeful said "I am extremely grateful and deeply honored toreceive the endorsement of both Governor Thone and Governor Orr."

"Throughtheir leadership, our state built opportunities that subsequent generations ofNebraskans have capitalized upon. I look forward to building on this foundationas Nebraska's next governor," said Ricketts.

Rickettsisn't the only name on the ticket. Chuck Hassebrook and Annette Dubas arerunning as democrats, while Tom Carlson, Mike Foley, Charlie Janssen, and Beau McCoyround out the republican ticket.