Ricketts Names Lt. Gov. Heidemann as Running Mate


Republican gubernatorial nominee Pete Ricketts has announced the name of his running mate and nominee for lieutenant governor.

Current Lieutenant Governor Lavon Heidemann is joining Ricketts' campaign. Ricketts says he chose Heidemann because of his ag background and his experience in state government.

"I think Lavon and I will be a great team. He brings to the table his experience in agriculture and unicameral, appropriations committee, I'll bring my business experience working to drive the costs out of an organization do a better job delivering services," said Ricketts. "I think the two together will allow us to put together strategic plan to grow the state."

Heidemann says he's excited to be in the running this time around, after being selected the first time amid controversy after former Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy's resignation.

"We're going to go through an election process and I get to be part of the campaign team, which actually is a good thing," said Heidemann. "It's great to go across the state of Nebraska, meet the people, find out their issues and find out what they think can move Nebraska forward."

Ricketts and Heidemann will face off against Democrat Chuck Hassebrook and Libertarian Mark Elworth, Jr. in the general election on November 4.