Road Construction Safety


Construction zone season is just around the corner. And although the signs for reduced speeds or detours can be frustrating for may drivers, the Nebraska Department of Roads is reminding drivers to remain slow and cautious.

"Most drivers need to pay attention to the signs we have out there. There are a lot of directions and instructions given that might be different. They may be asked to slow down or take a different route. And they need to pay attention to that," says Keith Meyer of NDOR.

Limiting your distractions for unexpected stops or bumps in the road is also very important. And the public can expect to see and hear more of these reminders this season.

"We've been trending down for the last few years and then we spiked back up again. So there's a re-emphasis to the public this summer to make them aware that construction zones can be dangerous. So they need to drive accordingly," added Meyer. "That's something that we keep track of and keep a handle on, and make aware of so that we have as few of accidents as possible."

It's assumed that lower gas prices over the past few years are the cause of more accidents, due to more cars on the roads. And though prices are back up again, the NDOR is still cautioning drivers to act accordingly for their own safety and that of others sharing the road.