Robert Henri Museum


At the Robert Henri Museum in Cozad, mystery awaits at every stroke of this famous painter's brush.
"Of course we didn't know anything about him for a long, long time and when it came to light, he already was a famous painter and had been a good teacher in New York," said museum vice-president Jane Kinnan.
Henri was the son of Cozad's founding father John J. Cozad. He owned a hotel in town but fled when he shot and killed a man during a fight.
"He had his wife and two boys sell the hotel and they eventually stayed in Atlantic City, New Jersey," explained museum president Marlene Geiger. Fearful of their lives, the family changed their identities and hid their Nebraska ties.
They posed the boys as adopted nephews. Robert Henry Cozad became the world renowned artist Robert Henri.
The family left Cozad when Robert was seventeen. He then spent the rest of his life painting and teaching art out east, but folks still come out here to see his roots.
Although not everything is known about Henri, his hometown still remembers him.

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