Rodeo Athletes and Spectators Get 'Tough Enough To Wear Pink'


Athletes and spectators of one rugged sport got together to take a stand for breast cancer awareness.

The Phillipsburg Rodeo arena filled with a sea of pink Thursday night, for the 'Tough Enough To Wear Pink' event.

Organizer Mike Erhart, a kidney cancer survivor, says the whole idea of the event is to help the greater cause -- fighting cancer.

"I was given three months to live and it's been two years later, so it's been quite a journey," said event organizer Mike Erhart. "And it's through people giving and through the research that we're supporting that people like myself are still alive."

Proceeds from the 'Tough Enough To Wear Pink' event will go to the Phillips County Relay for Life with hopes of raising between $12,000 and $15,000 for the program.