Roughly 700 Area 5th and 6th Graders Gather for Annual Water Jamboree


Area fifth and sixth graders spent two fun filled days learning about not only the importance of water, but how very precious it can be as well.

Water is one of the most essential components to life, and at the 2013 Water Jamboree, fifth and sixth graders are leaning all about the power of water.

An obstacle course geared toward better understanding drought and irrigation is just one of the many events that nearly 700 students from seven nearby counties participated in at the Natural Resources Districts 23rd Annual Water Jamboree.

"Our purpose for the water jamboree is to teach about water; how to care for it, how to preserve it, how to enjoy it, but also not waste it. That's the key thing and one of the things we want them to take home with them and share with their parents and their other siblings," says program director Marlene Faimon.

Interactive presentations of life in and outside of the water, as well and an edible aquifer were big hits during the two day event, and officials say it's been great to see such positive interaction from the students.

"Fifth and sixth graders are at a point where they can really understand concepts of water, not only in the lake, but plant life and things like that they can help identify the identification of a life in the lake and life outside the lake, about migration and drought," Faimon goes onto say.

And it's a concept that seems to be sinking in among the students.

"If we don't have water then a bunch of things will die and then earth will just be."

"I think if we don't watch what we're doing and we don't be careful then they're not going to exist anymore."