Rowe Sanctuary Preparing For Tourists Following Sandhill Crane Migration


As another sandhill crane migration flies into the area, Rowe Sanctuary gears up for thousands of birders to follow.

As the unmistakable call of the sandhill crane gently fills the air, Gibbon's Rowe Sanctuary has their binoculars set on the tourists that follow.

With a newly revamped gift shop and trails ready for blind tours, upwards to 15,000 tourists will flock in from all over the country to witness a spectacle -- one that impacts our environment and our economy.

"There's been several studies out that show it brings millions of dollars into the region, and to share this with people from around the world puts this place on the map," said Rowe Sanctuary's Keanna Leonard. "What happens here with the sandhill cranes happens nowhere else in the world. This is the largest gathering of any type of crane in the world and that's why people come and see it."

Along with the preparing for the tourists, Rowe Sanctuary is also celebrating its 40th anniversary during this year's spring migration with a special event slated for March 15.

REPORTER'S NOTES: For more information on the sandhill crane migration or to book blind tours, contact Rowe Sanctuary at 308-468-5282 or visit their website at