Rural Development Programs Use $20 Million to Aid Nebraska Businesses in 2013


More than $20 million was delivered to rural Nebraska businesses in FY 2013 as part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Development programs.

According to USDA Rural Development State Director Maxine Moul, more than 150 business, 75 ag producers and four cooperatives benefited from the programs. Additionally, she said over 250 jobs were created or saved with the funds.

"RuralDevelopment believes in a strong economy and our business programs help toaccomplish this in rural Nebraska," said Moul, adding that the agency is looking forward to continuing their work in 2014.

The programs including guaranteed loans, small business grants and funding for renewable energy projects.

Examples of businesses that benefited this year include Laurel Biocomposite, LLC, a company that wanted to build a plant to convert distillers grain into a product to be used in the plastics manufacturing process; the city of Gothenburg received a grant to upgrade servers and computer networks for the hospital's electronic medical records system; and a Hartington, Neb. dairy received funds for marketing support.

Moul says funding is available for fiscal year 2014. To find your local office, go to