Small Village Sells Eight Guns in One Day


Buyers in central Nebraska are flocking to local gun shops to buy firearms.

The Oxford Locker, a rural gun shop, said they sold eight guns on Tuesday. Which is uncommon because only 779 people live in the village.

As Vice President Biden works towards reducing gun violence in America, many people across the county are taking action.

"They're buying," Florida gun show promoter, Victor Bean said. "They're buying as fast as they can get them."

Ammunition shelves at some Nevada stores are vacant.

"I have sold everything that I have, I can't get anymore," said Steve Helen, Nevada gun store owner. "I've done four times the business this year that I did through all my other years."

"Some were buying them because they were worried about the gun ban and their rights being taken away to purchase a gun," Oxford Locker owner Carl Kramer said. "Others were just buying them because they were on the market."

If new laws are passed to ban certain guns, that could really take a toll on this small town's economy.

"That's 10 percent of our employment force out of a job," Kramer said.

People come from all around to buy guns from the Oxford Locker. Many of them are used for hunting, recreation, trap shooting and 4-H.