RV Dealership Expanding with New Service Facility in GI Industrial Park


It’s camping season and many are picking out RV's to camp with the comforts of home. But if you’ve ever tried to get repairs on a camper, it can take a while.

Rich and Sons RV in Grand Island hopes to speed up the service process, with a new ten bay service facility.

Chief Construction is heading up the project, on land Rich and Sons bought in a Grand Island Industrial Park, about a mile from the RV dealer's showroom.

Nick Staab said they hope to add staff and be able to make repairs more quickly.

He said, "If people are broke down not using their RV's, obviously they’re not enjoying them. That was the key component why we did this."

The dealership expanded with an indoor showroom a few years back and Staab said the new service area will also allow them to increase RV rentals by 50 percent, for those who want to take a camper on the road once in a while.

Staab said they plan to open the new facility by August. He said it won't change things for customers. They will still go to the familiar location on south Highway 281.

Rich and Sons RV Headquarters stocks more than 200 RV's. Staab said they attract customers from a wide region.