S-E-M Public School Wants $4.35 Million Bond


The Sumner-Eddyville-Miller Public School wants a $4.35 million bond on the November ballot. With a population under 500, this is a lot of money.

S-E-M has serious safety problems they need to fix. The school does not yet know exactly how much or how long it will take to fix the issues.

Currently the school does not have fire sprinklers in the classrooms; there is no elevator to take students with disabilities to the second or third floor; and a new gym is needed as the current one has leaks.

“Throw all those pieces together -- why wait until something bad happens? Be proactive and fix those things a head of time,” said S-E-M Principal William Schmidt.

The school also would like a centralized office so they can better keep track of people coming in and out of the building every day. There is also only one women's bathroom on a busy floor.

“Very often we walk through the building to get to a bathroom that's located farther to use a facility, we give quite a lot of classroom time doing that,” said teacher Barb Ibach.

They want to separate the high school kids from the younger ones. Twelfth graders pass first graders in the narrow hallways.

For the athletics program the school wants a new practice gym and a visitor's locker room. Opponents currently have their halftime speeches in the science room.

The school board will be having a meeting on Monday to figure out the final details for the bond they want to put on the November ballot.