Safety Tips for Hanging Out at the Fair


County fairs are a mainstay of communities across Nebraska – a time for families tospend time together, for friends to gather, and for healthy competitions foryouth and adult. However, it is important to remember how to stay safe at the fair – an issue for spectators and competitors alike.

Oneof the first things that should be kept in mind when heading out to the fair is the animals. Whethera pet show, petting zoo, or livestock show, most of the animals at fair are ina strange place and around hoards of people they are not used to. Animals areeasily spooked by unexpected loud or shrill noises and high speed movingobjects.

Tips for keeping yourself and the animal safe include:

  • Approachanimals quietly, no running, use soft voices.
  • Let an animalbecome familiar with you before trying to pet it.
  • Alwaysrespect barriers – fences, cages, gates.They are in place for your protection.

Carnival rides are another big reason people head out to the fair. Tips for staying safe at your fair's carnival include:

  • Respecting barriers around carnival rides and exhibits. They are there to protect patrons from large pieces of machinery, engines and tools.
  • Go with a friend or family member. Use the buddy system. Kids allowed to go on rides by themselves should check in with mom or dad on a regular basis.

Another tip for staying safe at the fair is important for avoiding germs and bacteria. Wash your hands after dealing with animals or riding carnival rides, as well as before eating.

With these tips in mind, your fair experience should be a fun one, not a stressful one.