Saint Francis Medical Center Helping Raise Awareness for Organ Donation


More than 115,000 Americans in the United States are waiting to receive a lifesaving organ transplant.

And about 500 of those waiting are from Nebraska.

Saint Francis Medical Center in Grand Island is hoping to bring more light to that issue.

Representatives of the Nebraska Organ Retrieval System gathered alongside medical professionals to hear firsthand accounts from organ donors, recipients and their families to raise more awareness for a cause that continues to be in high demand.

Linda Rosacker, a pharmacist with Saint Francis, donated a kidney to her sister roughly two years ago, and says she'd do it again in a heartbeat.

"It was no disruption hardly at all to me, and when I think about what the donation did for my sister her quality of life and the years that it's buying her, it's just no problem at all," shared Rosacker.

Saint Francis will be honoring individuals and the families who have given the gift of organ donation with a float in the "Light Up the World" Rose Bowl Parade this year.

The float is sponsored by Donate Life.