Sasse Picks Up Big Endorsement from Farm Bureau


U.S. Senate Candidate Ben Sasse has picked up a powerful endorsement from Nebraska Farm Bureau.

This is only the second time ever Nebraska Farm Bureau members have thrown their support behind a candidate in a statewide primary.

Just last week Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz rallied for Sasse in North Platte.

Wednesday, a smaller crowd gathered near Giltner, but it comes with the backing of 56,000 Farm Bureau member families.

Officials say the county bureaus determined this endorsement.

President Steve Nelson said, "We don't make these kinds of endorsements, particularly in the primary very often, but in the case we have a candidate that our members have looked at and see as an extremely strong candidate."

Nelson said there is one thing that sets Sasse apart from the rest of the candidates: he listens.

Sasse said, "What I hear from Nebraska farming and ranching families is chiefly about Obamacare, national debt and about the EPA's war on ag."

Sasse says he's grateful for the endorsement. In just a few weeks, he'll face Clifton Johnson, Shane Osborn, Sid Dinsdale and Bart McLeay in the GOP primary.

Dinsdale has been endorsed by former coach Tom Osborne. Several current and former state senators have thrown their support behind Osborn.