Melinda's Garden Moment: Saving Geraniums Over Winter


Your geraniums are at peak bloom andyou heard somewhere you could store them overwinter – but you are wonderinghow?

Manyof you may remember mom or grandma placing their geraniums in a paper bag in acool dark corner of the basement for winter.It seemed she always had great luck reviving them in spring. Unfortunately, most of us have warm basementsthat make this method the least successful.

Youcan bring potted plants indoors and grow them like houseplants. Unfortunatelyunwanted pests may hitch a ride in with the plants. Isolate the plants in a sunny location forseveral weeks and monitor for pests. Ifan insect problem is present, make several applications of an eco-friendlyinsecticide.

A preferable option would be to take cuttings from healthy plants. Remove any flowers and buds and root 4-6 inch cuttings in moistvermiculite or a well-drained potting mix.Pot up the rooted cuttings and grow them like a houseplant in a sunnywindow.

Try overwinteringother annuals. Fuchsias have been knownto last several years when wintered indoors.Annual vinca, coleus, scented geraniums, cuphea, mandevilla, and candy cornplants are just a few to try. Grow thesein a sunny window and enjoy a bit of extra greenery, and flowers if you arelucky, throughout the winter.

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