Update: Aurora Death No Murder but Linked to Separate Assault


A day after police tape surrounded a house in the quiet community of Aurora, more details are emerging into an unusual death investigation. Authorities have identified the victim, who may have also been the victim of domestic assault, however, they do not believe it was a homicide. The Hamilton County Attorney's office says 59-year-old Debra H. Miller died at her home, which is located at 1003 M Street in Aurora. She was found unresponsive in her home on Tuesday, October 2. Rescue workers who responded to the scene determined that she had passed away sometime that morning. On Wednesday, an autopsy was performed and based on the results, the county attorney has decided not to treat it as a homicide, pending the outcome of toxicology tests, which will not be available for some time. Officials say there was a domestic disturbance several hours prior to Ms. Miller's death at which time her husband was arrested for domestic assault. The county attorneys says it does not appear at this time that the assault caused her death and the matters are being investigated in tandem, but as separate incidents. The South Central Area Law Enforcement Services alliance is assisting in the investigation at the home, which is just a few blocks from Aurora's courthouse square.

NTV will continue to bring you updates as new information becomes available.